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I spent the first ten years of life in the small village of Crowle, North Lincolnshire, before moving to the steel town of Scunthorpe.

On leaving school a variety of jobs followed. Tea boy, labouring to bricklayers and plasterers on building sites. periods of industrial

painting, platelayer, sandblaster and general factory work.

I spent around ten years on mainland Europe, working wherever and at whatever I could find to support myself. 

I've been married twice and twice divorced. I now live in Hull, North Humberside, and have done so for the last twenty eight years.

Perhaps a little clarification is necessary as to why the e-book can be downloaded free of charge. I haven't offered any of my work

to publishers, which allows me to do as I wish, unrestricted by contract or rules to adhere to. Essence of Days is printed as a paperback

edition in full, at my expense, with ISBN number and a copy sent to the British library, as I am legally obliged to do. It also establishes

copyrite. The downside is, is that without mainstream publication, then there's no mainstream advertising, making known the book

is available. Offering a shorter version of Essence of Days, as an e-book, free of charge, allows the reader to view style and content

without incurring expense. This is my way of advertising, and, if you like what you've read, you can also use the email to a friend

mailbox at the top right of the page................Essence of Days, e-book, contains twenty eight short poems and one short story.

I hope you enjoy what you find. There'll be more to follow as we progress with the site.

We have moved on. We have now added Mary's Time to the download section, and is available, free of charge for those who wish to download it.

Mary's Time is a collection of eight stories, each one, in their own way, emotive. One may be funny, while another tragic. They cover a range of emotions,

and when those emotions are acted upon, they can cause devastating consequences for those involved......I hope you enjoy Mary's Time.

If you wish to contact me, it can be done through the main menu..............Thanks again for dropping by.


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