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e-book version of Mary's Time


There is nothing left for me to do with Mary's Time. All that was to be done, is done.

It's all down to Chas now, but as he has work commitments, I've asked him to convert

the files into an e-book and alter the site in his own time, at his own leisure.

Whether he chooses to do it in stages or to present it in one go, I don't know.

So I await, as you do. Mary's Time, e-book, will also be offered free to download.

This book will be the last freebie. Both books will have given you a good idea

of style and quality at no expence to yourself. My hope is that you enjoyed them

and will pass on info to your friends and family. Perhaps, in this way,

from the ground up, my name will express good literature.

That's all for now folks. Thanks for popping in.

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