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March 24th update


What's the first thing that comes to mind when offered something for free?.........It's probably worthless, otherwise it wouldn't be offered for free.

At least that's the conclussion that pops into my head, and, I imagine, it's what most people think.

So why should this book be any different?.......It isn't, except that it's not worthless. Nothing is ever completely free. There's always a catch, an enticement.

My offer is no different.

Once Essense of Days is read and absorbed, then my belief is that you'd want to share what you'd found with you're friends. That's what friends do.

Perhaps your friends will share with their friends, and so on, bringing an ever increasing number of people to read my work.

Realising that few people are drawn toward poetry, I don't expect a deluge to crash the server.

Essense of Days will slowly become known and hopefully appreciated.

If poetry isn't your prefered reading, then I may tempt you with a collection of short stories......

Mary's Time, a volume of short stories is in the final stages of being proof read.

I'll keep you updated with progress.......Kev.



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