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Welcome to Kev's site.

We've been busy getting the site going with free E-Books to download and a new Blog started.

Now available for DOWNLOAD HERE Mary's Time, the new book by K.C.Ford.

Front cover of "Mary's Time" by K.C.Ford

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Mary's Time consists of eight short stories, each one a gem.

Once the first page is read, you will probably continue in one sitting until the last page is absorbed, and the book closed with a sigh.

Whatever you feel on having read Mary's Time, it will not be indifference.


Essence of Days front cover

Front cover of "Essence of Days" by K.C.Ford

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Essence of Days is a collection of twenty eight poems, and one short story.

The poems are written in prose as well as rhyme and rhythm.

Perhaps the central theme of the poems is time.

I hope you enjoy.





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